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Joaquin Jara

Barcelona, 1977

Joaquin Jara is a multidisciplinary artist. All of his aspects, from interventions in natural and urban environments to painting, sculpture, and experimental movies, converge on a common objective.

The portrait is displayed as an object subject to internal and external forces, those of the environment, which generate constant changes. Therefore, it will be a representation of the subject processes. An instant inside a sequence of images in continuous transformation. An image saved, which does not illustrate identity, but testifies it. An image without a possible conclusion, as it resides on instability.

1. Golem /05 - / wood, ceramic, rope, 1,23 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm. 2013. ( detail)

2. yawn / scale 1: 1 / ceramic, rope, brass / Barcelona, 2012.

3. Blank head- / enamelling ceramic, rope,16 cm x 13 cm x 20 cm. 2013.heat/ scale 1:1 / cement, root / Barcelona, 2008.

4.Pulse - /ceramic, bronce rust, 22 cm x 13 cm x 27 cm. 2013

5.vertical construction,  Intervention start: 28th August 2010.

6..heat/ scale 1:1 / cement, root / Barcelona, 2008.

7. bostezo / scale 1:1 / ceramic, brass / Barcelona, 2012.

8. bust/ scale 1:1 / plaster, root / Barcelona, 2008.


9. yawn / scale 1: 1 / ceramic, rope, brass / Barcelona, 2012.

10. Sculpture designed covering an alive tree with the artist Rosa Rodríguez

(Sabadell, Spain, 1977)
“Silk”, 2013.
Glazed ceramics, silk, iron



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