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My hopes and dreams are shattered forever, I was walking around the cemetery and I found this one grave that had something that looked like a pentagram and I assumed that I had found the grave of a witch 

But Then I showed my friend and he said it was an eastern star …………. like a female mason and shit….. so my hopes and dreams are shattered because I thought it would have been cool as fuck to find the grave of a witch

See it is  not a pentagram and my hopes and dreams are shattered

The song for today is The Boy With The Thorn in His Side by the Smiths, because I love the Smiths……. also it just suits my mood  as there is always a thorn on my side.

This was the first single by The Smiths to be accompanied by a promotional video, something the band had previously resisted. The Smiths also performed this song on an episode of the British television program Top of the Pops.

Margi Clarke asked Morrissey if this song was inspired by Oscar Wilde, and Morrissey replied: “No, that’s not true. The thorn is the music industry and all those people who never believed anything I said, tried to get rid of me and wouldn’t play the records. So I think we’ve reached a stage where we feel: if they don’t believe me now, will they ever believe me? What more can a poor boy do?”

(Source: Spotify)

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